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  • thanks, i did have a good weekend, my daughter was born on Tuesday.

    sorry, poor grammar on my part.

    There is no specified size for a non- habitable room in the NBR. The law requirement is that the garage must have an opening window for ventilation of fumes.

    Generally 6x6m to outside of walls has been a generic construction standard based on standard dimensions of lumber etc. Standard double garage doors are 5.4m wide so that would dictate the opening with 300-400mm piers to either side.

    I have seen garages built as small as 5.7 x 5.7m external dims but this is impractical ito of entering and exiting the vehicle and generally arises from developers saving every cent.

    When I build I generally do 7m wide and 6m long to facilitate full width car door opening with space to walk all around vehicle.
    As an aside a standard parking bay is 5m x 2.5m and these are normally too short for longer/larger vehicles.

    Is there is specific reason for the size requirement?
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