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    The Official RaspberryPi Thread

    I've had a few units on backorder from pishop since november as well Icasa really dragging their feet with this one.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Ey folks with BTC crashing looks like some of the higher end cards are nearing launch price again Not bad for a 3070? If you're a gamer, buy em while you can?
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    Loud Fans - MSI Coreliquid Cooler

    I'm not 100% familiar with Msi center as my last MSI board was a Z97 from 2013, but according to the software manual you should be able to do the following to ajust fan curves (especially on that fan6): (page 25 of the manual The fact...
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    Loud Fans - MSI Coreliquid Cooler

    Those in your picture are 100% those RGB headers and are used to plug in extra case lights to sync the colours with the cooler. Try trace the fan cables from the fan itself and see what they plug into, if you're not sure what they look like, they'll be like the below picture (Cables possibly...
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    Are you caught up in the licence backlog?

    I renewed my card back in 2019 @ centurion DLTC Still waiting for it... Of course, nobody there knows anything about it. Booked for another renewal next month to try get an updated temporary.
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    Loud Fans - MSI Coreliquid Cooler

    While the stock corsair fans are loud, they probably shouldn't be loud enough to hear through the entire house. What are they plugged into and what percent speed are they running at?
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    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    When I'm only getting 2mbps, and your latency goes up 1000x when the connection is loaded. It's easy to load the connection, and start suffering from packet loss. Peak hours on loaded I usually average about 30% packet loss on my firewall.
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    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    I envy you all, my speeds never break 15Mbps and average around 1 or 2 Mbps during peak times.
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    Who is excited? AMD announces AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT and Radeon RX 6400

    I am a big AMD advocate But unless this card is priced at sub R2500 it's an absolute disaster.
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    Your Raspberry Pi Projects

    I've bought a few PI Zero 2's from Pishop last year and still waiting. I've since ordered a few from Robotics org who are 'grey' importing and used them in the projects. ICASA is a PITA.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Speaking of takealot: 500G WD Blue SATA SSD R999 These seem to float around R1099 all the way up to R1399 so not a bad time to nab one if you need to upgrade a console or PC.
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    Does anyone know what router this is?

    Huawie B612-223 to be exact.
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    Best route to take for a new GPU

    "Best route to take for a new gpu"? Cry.
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    MTN Fixed LTE - Internet always cutting off

    Dof question but: Did you configure the new router with the correct APN settings before putting in the sim card? I am using my afrihost router with my MTN sim card without issue, but you do need to configure the correct APN.
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    Updated Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 announcement today - report

    Wake me up when we have a budget card that can compete with a R1,999 RX570 4GB card from 2017. 3080 12G is great and all.. but why? Miners are just getting them, driving the costs up. etc.