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    DStv bans any content with Steve Hofmeyr

    they cant, apparently in terms of their broadcast license, they have to carry SABC channels. (Yes, even have pay SABC for this privilege)
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    Showmax 3 month voucher

    I got one too. I signed up again to see what has changed since i left the service still the same sub standard service , it buffered a lot on my 50Meg Fibre line. Funny Netflix streams in 4K no problem on the that line.
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    Is Plex pass lifetime license worth it?

    I bought my plex pass when it was $75, for the age restriction function and multi-user as I have a small child. He can have his own user and I can restrict his user to be only able to watch things below a certain age restriction or just all ages stuff. And to use the Plex kodi addon, when I...
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    Does showmax have more shows than netflix?

    It does sound awesome.. Because its on Netflix, it will be an international quality i.e. not SABC quality.
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    Does showmax have more shows than netflix?

    There is no Netflix region, with all the content, we even have stuff the US don't have (Star trek Discovery).. content is dependent on deals in the various regions
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    Does showmax have more shows than netflix?

    There is no difference in content between the netflix subscription packages, content is driven by geography.
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    What paid streaming services are you currently using?

    Netflix and amazon Video. I had Showmax, but never nenewed when my voucher ran out, as I never really watched it.
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    I've spotted Pre-Paid Netflix Cards

    So, Pick 'n Play Plattekloof also has them
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    These sunglasses block TV and PC screens from showing you images

    You can use them to watch SABC Tv without a TV licence
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    Streaming Service

    and Amazon Video is also available in SA
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    Jack Ryan

    Apparently it has being renewed for season already. I enjoyed it as well..
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    What to watch on Netflix, Showmax and Black this weekend

    I think those are the titles showing on Black.
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    [The Verge] Windows 95 is now an app

    Windows 95 was ok for me, I agree WIndows 98 was better. I never ran ME, I upgraded from 98 to Windows 2000. Vista was another windows I never really ran. I think only for a few months and then I upgraded to Windows 7. Now I am happy with Windows 10