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  • Thanks, it's definitely appreciated and I've deleted all 3 extras. I've seen the whole hoo-hah about reading the first post of each thread, but I'm a bit of a speed-forumite, always clicking on the "New Posts" link and then viewing the latests posts in interesting threads. Since the original notice said "every day", I simply add 3 entries to the end of the daily threads, every day.

    Live & Learn, or something like that

    Lesson learnt.
    Yes it is a bit confusing.

    I'm just keeping everyone updated, because on the weekend competition which ran for 3 days one of the winners was disqualified for posting extra entries.
    I understand and I've deleted 2 of the 3 extra entries. For some reason I now can't delete the first of these anymore

    However, the original post says:
    "This competition will run every day for two weeks, and each of you can put three entries down every day"

    I was not aware it had been modified, since that's just confusing, as is indicated by other complaints.
    Check the first post in the competition thread;)

    Three entries per member allowed NOT three entries per member per day.
    Dear flarkit

    Please find the Wantitall competition instructions for yesterday and today (11th & 12th November 2008) here.

    Please note that only 3 entries are allowed per member. If any of your posts are drawn, you will be disqualified for posting 6 entries.

    Thank you and have a nice day.
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