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    First car decision

    If you can buy new, do so. You do not want to sit with someone else's problems. There is usually a reason why a car is sold after just 24k km on the clock. Just stay away from Indian or Chinese cars - they have factory built-in problems.
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    Have you been to Home Affairs recently?

    My wife went to get a passport in Pretoria. Applied online and on the day of the appointment it took 20 minutes from parking the car to leaving again. Within a week she was invited to go fetch it again and was in and out in 10 minutes.
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    Did you have a curfew?

    Nope, most parents do not sleep until they know that everybody is safely home. We live in South Africa after all. If you kids decide to make a habit out of coming home at 2 am every day, then you really do not get enough rest to stay sane.
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    Nothing I can do if the person can't pay for the damage?

    No, the better insurance companies only reduce your no claim bonus by one year. Your broker, Brolink, usually places its insurance policies at Santam and they are one of the better insurance companies.
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    Has anyone successfuly changed their online profile email address for DSTV?

    Yes, I managed to do it by phoning them
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    Prescribed assets - are RA/pension vehicles still worthwhile?

    Regardless of what the previous poster said, the tax savings are significant. On its own, the tax saving exceeds the investment return on a RA or any other similar investment. However, if you plan to convert your RA to a lump sum upon retirement rather than buying a pension, the benefits are...
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    DStv is cutting three channels

    It is what people with money watch when Netflix goes into its 6th month of dishing up exactly the same old content.
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    Banking strike on Friday threatens to shut down ATMs and Internet banking

    You may get an uneducated manual labourer who think that way but normal educated people reason differently
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    Banking strike on Friday threatens to shut down ATMs and Internet banking

    You do realise that it is in a company's interest to keep good workers and that the way to keep such people is to pay them more? Bad employees are a dime a dozen but good employees are sought after. That is why it can cost an employer as much as six month's salary to replace a good competent...
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    Banking strike on Friday threatens to shut down ATMs and Internet banking

    Actually, the best way to remain poor is to unionise. If you are a hard worker you will soon be recognised by management as such and will get a better salary and faster promotion. However, if you are stupid enough to join a union, management will be forced to give you the same salary as the...
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    Property Investment: Purchasing a House or an Apartment

    It is possible to be a landlord without being sworn at or pushed against walls. It is also possible to live off the proceeds of letting your own property. The trick is to select your properties and tenants very carefully. If you have high class properties, you can get high class tenants. Each...
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    The DA is in total crisis.

    That will teach the DA to not elect a lightweight as their leader. They are going to be forced to beg Helen Zille to come back
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    Staff Writers

    Very few journalists can actually write a clean story. That is why all media organisations employ sub-editors. Their only job is to check and correct copy (stories). However, one should take into account that MyBB is a small organisation and may not have the money to employ a sub-editor.
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    Defy Fridge Freezer clicks on and off again

    I have a fridge that does the same after a power dip. What I do is to disconnect the power to the fridge for 30 minutes and the connect it again. The fridge then runs without a problem
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    What's your age and your net worth?

    Does my nett worth include all the RDP houses that have been built with my money?