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    Load shedding historical data?

    Hi Does anyone know where I could find historical data on Eskom load shedding Looking for the folliwing type of info for the past few months: 1. Suburb 2. Date of load shedding 3. Time of load shedding The time isn't critical. If I could just get data with dates on which a suburb...
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    how to build your own remote switch

    Hi guys I'm trying to find info on building my own remote switch for the Sony cameras that take a "D" shaped 10pin input. The original sony one is called the RM AV2 ( . However the shape and functionality of this switch does not suit...
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    Customs and Clearing Agents

    Last week I was told by the customs guys that any import over R500 in value is considered commercial and requires one to have an importers license and clearing agent. I've made several purchases from overseas in the past and have never been told this - previously all they asked for was my copy...