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  • Hi there
    U have a cool iphoneza site.

    I have added Ur link via Cydia.
    It shows the logos.

    Just wanted to know once I select vodacom logo for iphone4 and install it , then what do I do? Reboot fone ?

    And the vodacom logo will appear where on fone ? Will it replace the vodacom in the top left corner of screen of iPhone ?

    Thanks man.

    Much appreciated.
    I bought at Woolworths.

    If you read my post, you will see I do not plan to keep on buying them. It was a novelty to me and I just bought it because I have not seen them in years.

    We planted some on our farm and will hopefully have it for free in a year or three :)
    No. I do not really take these things seriously. Just post on the board while I am working as a diversion :)
    YOU will forgive ME?

    I am gonna make myself a cup of coffee and when I come back, I am sure I will not be upset with you anymore. Cheers! :)
    I did not ask you to tell me what I should or should not do. I merely asked an opinion. Learn to distinguish between the two.
    are you sure...not even a 5 minute chat on the phone? Come on, dont be shy! Vodacom and Apple have me on their waiting lists until their non-disclosure agreement ends and Dobee is too chicken.

    hi,read one of ur previous threads regarding changing imei on samsung g600 and wondered if u could advise how to do this..bought one on ebay in good faith and doesnt work..thanks
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