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    Webafrica settings on Gigaset

    Hey man, I managed to get hold a company called Sietek (I think they're the RSA distributor). I spoke to a guy named Zeb who was really helpful and managed to get me sorted. Everything seems to be working fine for now. I'd suggest giving them a call Tel: 021 531 0601
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    Webafrica settings on Gigaset

    Thanks for the responses. I have tried both of your configurations and neither has worked. Im going to try play around some more today and if nothing comes of it, I guess I will have to purchase a Yealink setup.
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    Webafrica settings on Gigaset

    Hi. I have recently (today) gotten my VOIP service with Webafrica setup. I am trying to set up my account with my Gigaset AS690 VOIP phone. I have spent over an hour on the phone with their support for them to eventually say they can't assist me in setting up a VOIP phone unless its a Yealink...
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    Missing FUSB port on motherboard

    I've just built my first PC, and have recently purchased the TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth PCIe Adapter. I have an ASUS ROG STRIX H370-F Motherboard, and the Archer is connected to PCIe. The issue here is that for the Bluetooth connection on the...
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    Fiber and LTE failover

    Hi all I am looking for a network setup for my office with the following requirements and am looking for some advice on a single component (or series of components that can help accomplish this). I have an MWEB fiber line installed and am getting inconsistent internet connectivity and it’s...
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    Best PI setup for mobile WiFi

    I'm about to attempt my first Pi project which requires the device to receive 3G/LTE and GPS, while making a WiFi hotspot for 10+ devices to use as a mobile hotspot. I understand that the Raspberry Pi has no built in SIM card adapter, or GPS. Since it is my first project, I would like some...
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    Network cuts out every few minutes. Urgent help needed please!

    Hi all. Im really hoping someone can help me... In the past few months I have gone through almost 5 routers/modems/extenders. None seem to be any better than the rest. I used to use a pretty basic netgear modem. I only operated in 2.4 Ghz, and worked perfectly. Recently though, I've...
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    Powerline network help

    Been struggling like mad these past few weeks to get WiFi coverage throughout my home. Its a large double storey house with thick walls. Unfortunately, the modem cannot be moved from where it is. I have tried wireless extenders and they just won't work. I have bought top of the range Belkin...
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    iPhone 4 on Cell C?

    Will there be the same problem on an iPad2? Isn't it advisable to get a CellC sim? Sorry for going off topic, i just heard about this for the first time.
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    The iPad 2 availabitiy thread

    Just picked up a 64GB 3G from "The phone shop" in Sandton City for R9000.... I know its overpriced but my dad couldn't wait :P There are still a few left. Go check it out :) Sent from my LG-P500 using Tapatalk
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    The iPad 2 availabitiy thread

    Hahaha :) Its next to Cape Union Mart i think. The guy was flying a parrot drone in there today, then he crashed it, and there was an awkward silence as he was picking up the pieces :P Lol the iStores are so entertaining. Would be more entertaining if they had stock of what i was looking for :\
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    The iPad 2 availabitiy thread

    Yeah, opened a few days ago, and they're already outta stock :P Nice store, but then again, which iStore isn't nice.
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    Where can i get an iPad 2 32GB 3G& WiFi?

    Thanks D3X. Will phone tom morning. iStore Melrose said they had a waiting list of about 600 though, i don't wanna wait that long :(
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    Where can i get an iPad 2 32GB 3G& WiFi?

    Hi all. I know there is an availability thread, but i see it hasn't been updated in a while, so im sorry for creating another thread. Where can i get a 32Gb 3G & WiFi iPad2 in the Joburg or Nelspruit areas? Tried Incredible and iStores and both said they didn't have stock.
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    The iPad 2 availabitiy thread

    I phoned iStore Easgate this morning. I asked for a 32GB 3G, they said they had no stock of any 3G models, but they had quite a few WiFi only models. Anyone know where i can get a 32GB 3G & WiFi in Joburg or Nelspruit?