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    FNB rejecting Paypal credit card transactions instructed by SARB - system error

    I have a monthly payment setup via Paypal to pay for my virtual server (my email server) that is hosted in Germany. It costs me 4 Euro a month. It has been happily working for over a year with no payment problems. Yesterday i get a notification that the paypal payment was rejected and after...
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    “Shocking” IPv6 revelation in SA

    This article was published 7 years ago. South Africa is still nowhere with regards to IPV6 adoption. Wonder what the traffic from universities are like since this article
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    Oneplus 6T

    I just pushed the button on the Oneplus 6T midnight black 8GB 128GB. Few interesting observations. - I bought it from, so directly from them, and I am having it delivered to my US address. First time I am using the service, so lets see what the pitfalls and gotchas...
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    Oneplus 6T

    I want to pull the trigger as well on the 6T, ordered from oneplus directly in US and delivered using amarex. I am unsure of the supported frequency bands. Will I have any problems on 3/4G here. I use Afrihost Mobile which roam on MTN network According to the specs they support: FDD LTE...
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    Yubico launches first multi-protocol security keys supporting FIDO2

    I bought yubikey neo and then 2 weeks later they release yubikey 5. So what is the difference? I can see it is fido2 compliant where the neo is not, but I can't quite see what the advantage is. e.g. will I not be able to authenticate with my finger print and my neo on a laptop? Or will I need...
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    Where to buy Yubikey Neo in South Africa

    I ordered yubikey neo and feitan epass via They deliver to SA.
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    Disappearing airtime is still real – and we have proof

    I saw my airtime was depleted and then I noticed R2.02 subtracted from my airtime every morning for the past month. I don't know how long this has been going on, I can only see history of a month. So I phoned 135 yesterday and they said I subscribed to something, but wouldn't tell me what the...
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    How to create a password not even a supercomputer could break

    Passphrase over convoluted/modified word.
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    How to create a password not even a supercomputer could break

    LOL website to help generate a password, except...., now you need to trust the website, right? rather, as I said: cor&recthorsebatterypolisiekar This will stand up against any dictionary or brute force attack, and easy to remember. +1 Bitwarden is open...
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    How to create a password not even a supercomputer could break

    To make passphrases more difficult to crack, insert a foreign language word {afrikaans; xhosa; french} into your phrase. Now ADD (don't replace a character with) a special character in the middel of one word. 4 word passphrase should then be enough. Use that for your password manager's master...
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    Afrihost capped fibre - No 300GB option

    I am on Afrihost/Openserve fibre with 20mbps uncapped home fibre. I have seen my usage hovers at about 200GB or just over that per month. I want to increase my line speed without dramatically increasing my monthly spend so was looking at 100mbps line with capped data . But Afrihost offers...
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    Kudos to Afrihost and Openserve in Irene

    The Openserve fibre coverage map indicated that we have fibre available on 1 April (it was not an april fools joke). I put in an order on 2 April with Afrihost for 20mbps uncapped fibre. On Friday morning I got a call from Openserve informing me that they were coming to install my fibre. I...
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    Evetech disaster. Don't ever buy from them.

    Bought graphics card from them that conked out 4 weeks later. They've had it now 'at the supplier' for nearly 4 weeks but can't give me cause and proposed resolution, or a date. I've mailed, called, been to the shop, no movement. A technician offered a refund which I accepted, his manager now...