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    Mega 105wr mods??

    Are there any good custom firmwares for this router??Are there unbricking tools for this router? What cool mods have you made for this router? (Hardware or software) Post your mods and info here
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    Best uncapped isp for gaming & torrents/ftp/http downloads?

    What is the best uncapped isp for gaming & torrents/ftp/http downloads? I want to be able to make big downloads plus it must be good for gaming.I dont want lag. I want a cheap one like a 348k line one. What would you reccomend?
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    What is the best gaming linux I can download locally?

    Ive heard of linux distros that come with fps and emulation like puppy arcade but what is the best one I can download locally?
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    Where can I download the latetest backtrack and Ophcrack locally?

    The title says it.. I want a local download and of the latest. I looked on some ftp's and the sun one had a very old version so please help me. Thanks Goosen
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    What programming language should I learn?

    I want to learn to program but many tutorials are boring and go nowhere. What tutorial were good for you when you were a absulute beginner? I dont want to learn a web langauge but something to write apps with like python or delphi.
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    How to hack your nokia (symbian)

    To admin: Sticky this if you want Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens whatsoever. Hi everybody I will teach you today how to hack your nokia. A unhacked phone gives you certificate errors when you try to install a symbian app (nokia's way to stop you from...
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    What happened to the torrent site by nomnom?

    This The people that donated and controbuted are probley are angry
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    Where can I get ubuntu mavrick meerkat 10.10 locally?

    Where can I get the bootable iso of the intel 32bit version? Ive been looking on many local ftp sites but the latest availible is 9.10. (btw where can I get the latets backtrack or puppy arcade locally?) Thanks
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    How can I share a pack of freewares locally?

    Hi I want to share some a freeware pack on this forum locally, I tried to share on quickshare but you can only upload 10 meg at a time and max storage is 200mb :mad: (the freeware pack is like 170mb). Can someone plz make a script to upload a lot of files to quickshare (for example I have a alot...