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    Forum Software

    Resurrection, I suppose it is almost Easter, What would you guys recommend for setting up a small forum these days in terms of free platforms. Mostly a Q & A forums for a Niche industry Thanks
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    SA smart plugs that can be flashed with Tasmota

    Takalot special ended, on R199 at loot
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    Cheap Rain Modems

    Hi all, Looking form some inivative adivce. Got 8 Staff all working from home on laptops , office has a server which has a ups & Genny, so we were doing the right thing and working from home in Covid. As much as we try we cant equip every staff member with a generator at home. My solution is...
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    Afrihost Fibre Upgrade, sort of.. MAybee

    So I just upgraded my ADSL to Fibre (frog foot) with Afrihost, So I ordere a 10/10 Package, got it up and running Friday 29th/ (1) Initially they wanted 30 days notice to cancel my ADSL, so I had to pay for both..( Finally sorted), I am migrated from one of you product to another.. (2) on...
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    AfriHost - Frogfoot Fibre - Own router pfSense

    I know ESXi has some issues with VM's and IPv6, What you running that lab on ?
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    AfriHost - Frogfoot Fibre - Own router pfSense

    Thank's Proxmox is a lot of fun, but nobody wants a Truck driver(link) setting up there infrastructure.
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    AfriHost - Frogfoot Fibre - Own router pfSense

    Ah makes sense, look like I will get to play later when the kids arent doing homework ;)
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    AfriHost - Frogfoot Fibre - Own router pfSense

    Thank you , I have my pfSense(vm) running on a Proxmox Server, but it does have its own pysical LAN and WAN nics
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    AfriHost - Frogfoot Fibre - Own router pfSense

    Hi all, Just had FrogFoot here and they installed a ONT, gonna plug the ONT directly into my pfSense. From what I understand there is no requirement for an afrihost specific router ? Is it as simple as setting up DHCP client on he WAN interface(pfsense) and connecting to the ONT? in the...
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    Migration from Personal to Business profile

    Thanks for the reply, didn't believe the guy i just spoke to at the store saying 4 - 6 weeks.. Oh Well it is in process.. Thank you once again
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    Migration from Personal to Business profile

    We are a SME and are looking to migrate 3 contract from personal names to a company business profile, doesn anyone know how long this takes from Vodacoms side ?
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    Network setup for remote office with PCs on site

    Cool just looking am simpler options to simply the following Power cuts - one server is simpler on a ups that 10(ineffably 1 doesn’t reboot) Relocation of the sever would perhaps to a dataceter(with to or promos clients) Rdp & multiple screen seems to be a issue Yeah windows I’d the current...
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    Network setup for remote office with PCs on site

    Hi all looking for some advise on a setup , at the moment we are working remotely we are a small company 10 user, We have most of our data in Gdrive and our gmail, But we have one challenge we have operation software that runs on the local network and is a bandwidth hog.. we have not manage to...
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    SME Network Guide

    Hi All, I wanted to look at options here for a small business incubator. That can be generically applied to opening many small business and a best practise on handling the infrastructure. Example Lets use this example, we are starting a small company of about 5 people which is going to grow...
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    Pastel Evvolution Single user Install

    Looking at running pastel evolution, I contacted sage and tried to by the product, I was contacted by one of their partners and quoted 35000(labour) for an install. Thought that was a little crazy.. Anyone know if it can be installed ones self ?