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  • Hi, I want to buy the phone! I'm in Cape Town and will happily collect.
    083 658 6825
    Hi gtx gaming is the jbl device a hands free whereby I can use my iPhone while driving ? Does it charge using the cigarette lighter ?
    Howzit, I'm the guy looking to offload my MSI Twin Frozr HD7850. I can't seem to find the damn box, just found the manual and CD it came with ... would u still be interested if I can't find it?

    I was checking out the topic regarding WA's ping's http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=207276 and I saw that you use Afrihost.

    I'm considering changing my ISP to Afrihost but the whole IS thing puts me off. Because I also play WoW EU I'm obviously gonna want decent ping (excluding GameMax etc) and I'd like your opinion on the kind of latency you're experiencing whilst with Afrihost.

    Thank you
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