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    WhatsApp haven't updated in ages...

    Ya, WhatsApp are always slow with the updates, hopefully this will improve with Facebook taking over. I remember them taking ages to update for iOS7. I would love for some continuity and the quick reply feature to be added.
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    iPhone 6

    Why does Apple always bring out the Apple bashers in such a ridiculous fashion? This isn't an us vs them sort of thing, it's simply phones that appeal to different audiences and markets. Not every smartphone buyer is looking for the same thing when they make their purchase. It is a massive...
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    Looking for an App

    So Evernote can do that? Awesome, thanks.
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    Looking for an App

    I'm need something that would let me and my roommates have a central to do list, leave notes, check expenses etc, preferably with push notifications. I'm sure I could set something half decent up with a gmail account and the calendar app but I was wondering if anyone knew of any app that could...
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    Sharing Slo-mo videos: am I missing something blindingly obvious?

    Have to export to iPhoto it seams and share from there unfortunately. Not sure why that is? Maybe mobile devices can't play 120fps?
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    Defective iPhone 5S :( Please help

    Not true, there are screws on the bottom of the device, if you open those the entire device opens up and you can eventually, with some work, get to anywhere in the phone. But ya, generally it is easier for them to give you a new one and let Apple refurbish the old phone and resell it.
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    Defective iPhone 5S :( Please help

    Take it to Apple or MTN, they should replace the unit.
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    Ipad 3 keeps on going on edge

    I found that if I have LTE enabled it some times reverts to Edge instead of 3G. Try turning LTE off and see what happens.
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    Apple's next-generation iPad Media Event! (2013)

    With the iPad Air's form factor it gives a bit of credence to the rumours of a larger iPad. The new iPad has a screen of 205 x 136mm in dimensions of 240 x 169,5. A larger iPad with the same aspect ratio and bezel:screen ratio would have a screen size of 206 x 149 which is just over 10". So it...
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    Apple's next-generation iPad Media Event! (2013)

    Apple generally don't release the RAM specs, will have to wait for a teardown, but I think it will be around 2/3 gigs most probably.
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    Apple's next-generation iPad Media Event! (2013)

    Also noticed that. Perhaps there was just too much content to get everything down to Jobsian standards. I think the iPad news is going to be big. Very big.
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    Apple's next-generation iPad Media Event! (2013)

    Can't get the live stream going on my Air. It just has a loading icon. Works fine on my iPhone though.
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    Cracked Screen Repair

    So I was outside the library this morning with my phone on my lap. Stood up and it fell, cracking the screen (glass not LCD) pretty badly. I would take it in to iFix right away but I have exams in 2 days. Does anyone know the turn around time for a repair like this? I imagine it is 2 to 3 days...
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    iOS7 Photo timestamp

    You can't do it within iOS but if you open the photos in iPhoto it shows the time stamp.
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    Writing Academic Papers on iPad.

    Open Office? Otherwise might the Word or Pages web apps work on the iPad?