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    New blog up

    Hey guys, I felt I needed to wite a blog entry. Those of you who can see my signature, feel free to click through to any of the links contained within. I'm not posting the url in the post here as to not violate any kind of "self serving link" policy mybb might have. Enjoy the read. And please...
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    Man shot for talking in Brad Pitt film bwhahaha
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    Gamecards Pricing & FAQ (Stock has arrived)

    F.A.Q Should be great value for money! Easy. P.M me your email address. I will follow up with exact instructions. Once payment is confirmed in my bank account your card should be on its way to you. Normal price is R320 for EU and R267 for US (limited stock) prepaid gametime card -irrelavant- :(...
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    click here to get all you want

    So I clicked and nothing I wanted appeared. what a crock of ****
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    no idea, but i think this is hot

    Angelina jolie as catwoman... much better as haley *spit* berry imo saw it on news24 today
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    What the hell is up with Web Africa?

    Their "Cancel this Service" option DOESNT work. They've billed and deducted my account already (I had credit) for recurring services that I WANT TO CANCEL BUT CAN'T... WTF? Did you hire a batch of new monkeys there did ya?
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    I'm getting tattoos done as well...

    If its not too expensive that is :P seeing as I'm going for my teeth tomorrow and sunday. Getting two on my forearms, basically the outer part (if you make a fist and hold it against your chest, the part that shows towards the PC) One side is going to have japanese kenjii on there and the...
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    Sony Cybershot DSC-H50?

    Hi guys, Saw this nice 9 megapixel 15 optical zoom camera in the shop the other day at a very reasonable price, does anyone have this camera and/or can make suggestions on if its crap or not? I don't have the budget for the alpha ones with the interchangable lenses, and want to take...
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    Facebook ARGH

    I find that everytime I sit infront of facebook I try and remember my best friends from school days names. but all I can come up with was their stupid nicknames! Like grasnyer or mossie or mozi or broodkop etc **** knows what their real names were!
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    Finances, what should I do?

    Hi guys, My expenses now are pretty much set in South Africa. I don't use my credit cards (other than if I'm paying for something in SA I will be using, but that has only been my flight back now) So seeing as it's "stabalized" I figured I could take a hit on my overdraft (note I am already...