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    (Skyworth) Android TV vs. (Chrome-)Cast and which 65 or 55" to buy?

    I cut dstv and TV ties long ago and have been using a Chromecast stick on the HDMI port of my old 40" TV to watch Netflix/Primevideo/Youtube for all my video needs. I now want to get a bigger screen, as I'm sitting as far as 6 meters away from the TV, when watching and would love your advice...
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    who's best for 30 GB / month power users?

    For the last few months I've been using roughly 30 GB per month with our 4Mbit DSL line with a mixture of 4 GB of unshaped Telkom Adsl traffic and a Webafrica Prepaid unshaped account (125R per Gig). As the necessary payments grew really crazy to roughly 3000 R per month I'm now looking for a...
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    ISP without caching / transparent proxy?

    I'm currently a Telkom DSL customer and as I did just run out of my 4GB uncapped allowance I'm looking for a new ISP for my home-office. I need a fast DSL line without any caching / transparent proxy enabled, as some needed sites don't work with Telkom. I don't find any information if any of...