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  • Jones a bloody good player for his age and im sure he will only get better and you b@stards are stealing him:twisted: Hope BBR will replace him and get more players.:D
    hey hawker

    I edited my post to specify that i live in Burnett between Richard and Glyn.
    Just curious to know in which section of prospect street you lived since it is entirely possible that you connect to a different dslam. If you connect to the same exchange, have you run diagnostics on your line to verify performance?
    Ha ha, damn dude, still writing? I guess the Civils usually get a crap deal (until they start earning the big bucks ;) ).

    Would be nice to have owned my exams, although I could have studied a lot more XD. But, I'm wishing you luck for the rest, and um, let Newton be with you ;).
    Ha ha, whats up :p. Meh, still waiting for my first year results dude... damn this is nerve wracking :p. and with yourself?
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