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    Government to spend R25m for Caster Semenya's defence

    What a load of crap since when does government foot legal bills on cases which are doomed to fail.................. Oh wait it's the opposite.
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    The ANC wants every member to give it R50

    More like mmmm nice 72" TV
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    Alleged armed robber shot dead in foiled robbery

    Good I wish this on all robbers and corrupt government officials
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    How much sleep the average South African gets each night

    My average week day is 4am to 9:30 pm at work by 5:10
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    ICASA’s Rubben Mohlaloga sentenced to 20 years in prison

    Decent sentence if money recovered.
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    Eskom and BEE: A total eclipse of the brain

    There is only one to blame and that is the anc. With their lack of ethics, cadre care programmes, BEE racist enforcement and having full blown corruption in their ways and blood anything they have a hand in or control over will fail once raped and pillaged into destruction.
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    The Official FeBRAAIarie 2019 Thread

    Interesting, I love russians but never braaied them......
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    Best Place in PTA East to Buy Inverter and UPS Batteries

    There is a place in the upper part of the Makro Silver Lakes complex opposite House and Home
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    London schoolgirl who fled to join Isis wants to return to UK

    That poor child which won't probably see late teens as they blow up so fast these days.....
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    Ramaphosa to announce plans to resolve the current power crisis

    Typical anc cluster fvck
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    The Gauteng Heavy Rain and Hail Warning Thread!

    A very slow and dangerous drive from Pta to Jhb this morning at 4:30ish, the roads were very wet and it was belting down. Passed two vehicles parked on the side of the highway with lights on but facing the wrong way probably from aquaplaning.