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    Eskom is getting killed - expert

    Fvcking idiots running it, fvcking idiots in charge and they all incapable of fixing anything.
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    Government is looking at harsher road rules after new traffic demerit system signed into law

    Take control of the the road back from the taxis. They are the main culprits. Once you do that the rest will be easier. But sadly you won't because you and your cadres in power are scared, owners and its a huge money spinner for you. Just like all the crime and corruption you start at the...
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    Soweto residents say looting will continue until govt deals with 'issues'

    Like you've never thrown rocks or petrol bombs at cops. Shut up and pay Eskom the billions you owe them. Pot calling the pot black.........
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    Today I got divorced... any questions?

    The single and only cause of divorce is marriage.
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    Today I got divorced... any questions?

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    ICASA explains why it gave Kwesé TV a free-to-air licence

    Cadres get free stuff from cadres.
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    Vanderbijlpark woman pepper sprayed while breastfeeding

    I see a whole lot of deserved shyte heading the way of the sprayer.
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    Malema appears to fire what looks like an assault rifle during EFF after party

    Minimum 15yrs but rapists and murderers sometimes get 7 or 8. Our justice system should not be called a "justice" system. "It was a replica weapon" Oh ok then...............
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    Cops Calling due to new evidence

    Kate is her first name and is/was Station Commander. They just trying to keep you from talking to her probably Everyone knows her as Colonel Kaye
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    Private investigator joins search for missing Meghan Cremer

    So they all have prior cases some pending one for murder. Perfect cases for parole........ Should just be taken out the back shot and fed to crocodiles. Cheap as 3 rounds and done.
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    Cops Calling due to new evidence

    Contact Colonel Kate at Wierdabrug and find out what's going on.
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    Cops Calling due to new evidence

    Charged and kicked out of court. Not too sure you can be charged for the same again.