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  • Greetings 2u.I'm trying to search 4a solution to my problem.
    Its relating 2da news server.I'm using Openweb as ISP.My adsl line is 4096 kbps line & my news server is news.is.co.za
    :confused: My problem is dat during da last few months,my news server downloads, which are mostly games, r being downloaded corrupted.This only happened during da last few months.
    It downloads the rar files so badly damaged dat even da pars sometimes arent even half enough to fix ALL or 90% of da downloaded rar files.
    If i had to waste bandwidth & begin downloading da game again,some files download correctly & then da rest downloads corrupted again.:eek:
    I've download Mini ninjas from binsearch website which, just 4da record,was a few days old &dat was da last dat was downloaded with very few errors,which was enough 2fix using da rar repair files.
    Any ideas what could be causing this ?
    Thank you 4 taking time 2read my problem & reply.I really do appreciate dis.
    HI highflyer_gp

    My name is Kobus and I wander if u could help me. I have upgraded from Cell phone internet to Telkom ADSL 2weeks ago.

    I have reached my 3gig international cap limit with Utorrent and read about newshost in these forums.

    I have downloaded Grabit for my 30gig local but dont know how to start.

    I am absolutly clueless when it coms to this. please I dont want to post a Q in the Forum because I dont want to look like an idiot.

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