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    David Mabuza’s hair-raising jet landing

    Not hair-raising enough.
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    The true reasons behind Eskom load-shedding

    Just waiting for @thechamp to arrive and justify the patheticness.
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    South African companies which are “too white” nailed

    Frog starting to boil more... water starting to get hotter...
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    DStv Premium vs Netflix and Fibre

    I've had internet since I could afford anything since the price is justified. I've never had DStv since their price has never been justified.
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    Why's my browser so damn slow?

    Had similar issues when our Telkom exchange had some damaged components and caused severe packet loss (12-15%). Run winmtr or pingplotter to or wherever and post the results here.
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    What if SA went dark and silent for a day?

    Soon we'll have it for weeks at a time, so don't stress yourself to force it.
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    Microsoft Azure South Africa

    Saw that as well. Was just wondering how easily we can migrate from Europe to here on pay-as-you-go. AFAIK, you can only do that if you're on premium.
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    Crystal Web DSL performance feedback thread Part 4...

    Or just simply hang up. Happened quite a few times during the process, after being told to "please hold" and not hearing anything for a few minutes.
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    The AI cameras that can spot shoplifters before they steal

    Well, I can't see this going wrong at all.
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    Crystal Web DSL performance feedback thread Part 4...

    :ROFL: Don't assume so much. It took me nearly 2 months and a shitload of calling/prodding just to get them to acknowledge my cancellation, never mind fixing a fault on their side to actually process it last year. It's anything but a straightforward path.
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    Crystal Web DSL performance feedback thread Part 4...

    Agreed. Why is he trying to wash his hands in innocence? Nobody was holding a gun to his head, and obviously he - and the rest of CW management - didn't bother with due diligence.
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    Here is where South Africa’s racists chat online

    Fear not, they're still around. Like, how much racism do you need to have in you to be to make a comment like this :ROFL::D:ROFL:
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    South Africa's economy grew by 0.8% in 2018

    It's still a decline in GDP per capita, as South Africans love to breed.