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    Huawei is ready for a clash with the USA

    They already make their own Processors and have done so for a while, Although they do get a lot of the required resources from the USA This I am sure they could source elsewhere. The software side is a bigger problem for Huawei as even if they can build a better or similiar OS than android, it...
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    Afristay Giveaway - Win a weekend away and R1,000 spending money

    Rivendell Bed & Breakfast
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    Fortnite upgrade

    Adding an SSD will generally only help with loading times. Definitely, need more RAM though, 8GB should do fine, 16GB if you would like to multi-task while gaming.
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    Amazon working on free music streaming service - Report

    I'll keep my Spotify subscription, don't see myself ever changing. Though more competition is always a good thing.
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    My bitcoin was stolen from my luno account! Luno is not safe .

    If you don't enable 2fa, you shouldn't really be surprised if someone accesses your account. It's like closing the door but not locking it when leaving the house, will you be surprised when you come home to an empty house?
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    International bank transfers from South Africa can cost R870 – This is why

    I actually didn't take this into account, although in my case I was not purchasing Bitcoin for the purpose of transferring it (I already owned the Bitcoin)... I needed to make some transfers and I chose to send it from my Bitcoin wallet as it would be faster and I assumed cheaper. The inflated...
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    International bank transfers from South Africa can cost R870 – This is why

    I have made multiple international payments over the last year (over 10) and have payed less than R10 in fees and payment never took longer than 20 minutes. This is all thanks to Bitcoin, I made 1 payment using Absa last year and payed over 100 000 times the fee's (not an exaggeration).
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    We are ready to pay Makate - Vodacom on Please Call Me shutdown

    Bad1 made an account just to reply to this thread 8 times. obviously part of the rent a crowd just ban and ignore the troll. Can't believe the CC decision to support this charade, shows the dark path we are on.