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    Mitchell's Plain Fibre (Vumatel)

    Then you don't want to deal with Vuma. I bought my house with fibre availability a requirement due to me working from home most of the time. They indicated - over a recorded phonecall - that they definitely have lit fibre running past my house. Their website even allowed me to place an order...
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    Mitchell's Plain Fibre (Vumatel)

    This is Vumatel, go to the normal Vumatel site and show interest. Offer each of your neighbours a dulchie to go and do the same. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Afrihost launches Pure Fibre – No shaping, throttling, or usage limits

    There isn't on Vuma trenched either.
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    43 killed in another bloody weekend in Cape Town

    Guns are way too easily accessible on the black market on The Flats.
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    3rd Interview

    Yeah, if a company wants me to go to 3+ interviews, sooner or later I'm goign to start complaining about my time
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    Spindel 6.5kg or DriBuddi

    We have this one and the clothes are not 100% dry when its done, but I don't give a damn, the clothes can properly airdry on my body :ROFL: Small note: the drying cycle uses heat and heat costs money.
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    New Giveaway - Win great prizes

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    Fired HR woman who had a beef with Woolies gets a roasting from judge

    One of the cleaning staff was fired for stealing a litre of milk from our kitchen. We still asked the company who held the contract for our office cleaning to give the lady some mercy because maybe she was hungry. Nope, they fired her.
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    2019 Hunting Season

    Any of you guys around CT want to sell me some game meat?
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    My TV has this weird behavior. My wifi password ends in a 9, every single day after I've turned the TV on for the first time, it's unable to connect to the wifi. When I go into the settings and view the password, the password ends in an 8 - all other digits are correct. Once I fix the...
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    Ramaphosa gives green light for army to go into Cape's gang-infested areas

    They have been deployed. I have seen them in Bonteheuwel and Mannenberg.
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    How much would Cash Crusaders pay for an Xbox 360 game?

    I sold me kids' PS3 in January or February and they gave me R600. That's with two controllers and one game :ROFL: I probably would have told them to go fornicate themselves, but the console was gathering dust and the kids wanted to buy something while both were bankrupt.
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    Answering calls from numbers not stored on your phone

    The topic under discussion is contentious? edit: caught your ninja edit :ROFL::thumbsup: