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  • hey Howzit wonder if you can help me

    I have been with creamer for about 7 months. then i moved. intech did test the new place but not on the deck of the main building. I know this is a bad time of the year and will probebly not be helped till the new year. hope you can tell me what to expect thanks
    Thanks howzit ! :)

    Everything is working up perfectly, danie from intech sent a technician to come and see what was up with everything, turns out there was a fault with the cpe and how it was handling upstream packets
    All is now solved, thanks for your help in this matter :)
    So let me see if I understand this correctly, you send out notifications even if the actuall usage was not reached?
    I've seen none as my CPE was powered down but then how could I've recieved notifications that I've reached the end of my cap?
    Recently my account was suspended as I have been unable to make payment.

    The thing that is ineteresting is that I have been exceeding my cap for the past few months and could not understand why.

    Since my connection was suspende I have powered down my CPE. Yet I recieved notification that I have reached 80 then 90% of my package!!

    Can you explain this?

    Remember recently I asked you for the radius server's adress so I could check my bandwidth usage? Well it seems something's amiiss and I would like some clarity on the issue before blabbering about it on the forum.

    hello howzit i would like to ask you something . i want to get wimax from screamer and buy the kit from them but first i need to know i i have any coverage . i live in the magalies moot area on n small holding. its about 8 km away from pretoria garden and mountin view . can you plz pm me and let me know thanx
    Hi There

    Im am fed up with screamers, and i've only been with you for 3 months.

    in the 3 months my internet must of worked a hand full of times.i phone the call centre repeatdly and only after the 6th o 7th call did they tell me to change my dns server, this is something that should be sent via email to every client.

    I then changed my dns server, it didnt make any differenc really, im a bit of a gamer and my pings are as follows: 100-150 ms, with my other acc i get 50-60? my download speeds gets as bad as 412bytes p/s, this is unacceptable, im startin to question what im paying for? is this goin to be sorted out soon?

    A quick response would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey! Perhaps you`ve seen my post, and perhaps you allredy know who I am account number:


    If that is the case, my apolagies for being rude to you.

    But please PLEASE can you try and help me? I`ve been through my router settings over a thousand times! If I set it too auto, it picks up an IP adress, both the DNS servers and my internet light is green.

    But all I get is "Your connection has timed out, The server is taking too long to respond".

    I will check on the e-mail addresses. Could you please send me your account no and I will get someone to call you.

    Was wondering if you could help me with my new account?

    I have tried emailing both the info@screamer and apply@screamer but both of them reject my mail. Why?

    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Subject: FW: form
    Sent: 2009/12/14 06:17 PM

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    'info@screamer.co.za' on 2009/12/14 06:17 PM
    554 5.7.1 <info@screamer.co.za>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied

    From: System Administrator
    Sent: 14 December 2009 06:16 PM
    To: Adrenalin
    Subject: Undeliverable: form

    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Subject: FW: form
    Sent: 2009/12/14 06:16 PM

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    'apply@screamerdsl.co.za' on 2009/12/14 06:16 PM
    554 5.7.1 <apply@screamerdsl.co.za>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied

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