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    What government's business rescue plan means for SAA

    When we get downgraded to junk in March next year Gordhan will have us convinced it's not a downgrade.
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    Takealot vs Makro vs Dion Wired vs Game - Black Friday deliveries tested

    Superbalist - Ordered Friday 12:37, order was at the pick up point on Sunday 01/12 Zando - ordered Friday 22:00, dispatched Sunday. No delivery yet.
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    Original VW Polo parts or not?

    You could try and get the part from VW and get it fitted yourself, or Goldwagen. Either way.
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    Bakers Royal Creams WTF

    Those biscuits are reserved for special visitors to my house. If we get that on a "normal" day it's like christmas
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    If you own a mechanical keyboard...

    Got myself a T_Dagger Destroyer with blue Outemu switches. Quite loud actually. But it's quite solid. Bought it just to see what the hype is about but I cant imagine typing on a membrane keyboard anymore. Maybe I'll get one with quieter switches but for now, still loving this thing.
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    Official Manchester United Supporters' Thread Part 4

    100% his fault here. He supposed to be covering the far post. They were too compact and Llalana snuck in. Still think we have a long way to go, this performance looked better but that's because Liverpool push forward a lot and creates tonnes of space for guys like Rashford and James to run...
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    Official Manchester United Supporters' Thread Part 4

    Can't find one. The podcast is over an hour. It's going to be a long ready anyway
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    Official Manchester United Supporters' Thread Part 4

    This was quite interesting to listen to
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    Checkers launches new rewards programme

    "xTRA Savings kaat!"
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    Do you prefer shopping online or in person?

    The less people I have to interact with the better
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    Amazon's Alexa will soon add Samuel L. Jackson's voice

    If you're not getting the mother f**ker version then you're just wasting your money
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Have you tried getting a few of you debit orders come off your CC? Some ISP's are happy to take funds off your CC
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    Abandoned Car

    Metro should be able to assist in some way with this. Had a similar situation where a car was parked on private property for more than a week. We called metro and gave them the registration. Metro rocked up and ran the plates and got the owners details and were able to track him down and get...
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    The iOS 13 Thread/Discussion

    Until the novelty wears off, yes.
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    Burger King is now turning a profit in South Africa

    Well yes and no. For the group, yes, but it doesn't affect BK. They did say that they were going to focus on speeding up opening new stores etc. So that's clearly worked to get people through their doors.