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    BMW i4

    What is underneath that massive bonnet?
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    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    Secure, synchronized (across multiple devices) storage of documents. Local multimedia storage. Easy VPN setup /access to home LAN.
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    Inverter Batteries giving off bad smell - disconnected

    Rotten egg bad smell, or sharp /acidic smell?
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    J&J Vaccine Questions

    Received mine today. Had to complete and sign numerous forms making it very obvious that I was participating in a study.
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    Do you harvest rainwater?

    We have both. If I had to choose, borehole wins hands down. Problems with rainwater harvesting: 1. Bird poo / dust / whatever is on roof. You can install a filter, but the water still tends to develop an odour after a while in the tank. 2. Even if you install a 10kl tank, it does not last very...
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    The airports are open, do you plan to fly?

    Flew locally 2 weeks ago. Corona allowing, we will soon be taking that European trip we had to postpone in March...
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    Which ISP do you use for your Internet connection at home?

    Vox, with Webafrica backup.
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    Smart Lamp Switches?

    Not sure what you mean here. I have it that the GPIO pins are only used for flashing?
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    Smart Lamp Switches?

    Sonoff basic has a (small) switch button. Also, no soldering or hacking required. Very simple to wire, and works out of the box - no flashing needed. Worked with HomeAssistant when I tinkered with that on a RPi.
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    Smart Lamp Switches?

    I have Shelly's in most wall switches, but Sonoffs on lamps and leads. Both work fine, although I have had fewer problems with Sonoff than Shelly (lastly almost exclusively the 2.5's though). I ordered my Shelly's directly from manufacturer - arrived within a week (ymmv with lockdown).
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    Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure

    This is a guy who has been caught: Performing studies without ethics approval Omitting data which does not support his conclusion Is inconsistent in his analysis of data between patients Refuses to share his data Falsifying data Photoshopping images of slides But hey, he named two organisms...
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2

    Please, no. That is just wrong. Some ARVs may actually help. Some antihypertensive meds may be problematic, but that is still very much up in the air.
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    I have no doubt that I will be exposed to it sooner or later. This thing is way past containment - current attempts are all about managing resources.