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    I have a 1 gig contract with Vodacom. It ran from 06/02/2007 and currently it is still active on a month to month basis. (I have not renewed the contract). I had a hardware failure on the Huawei E220 modem (which I received with the contract) on the 21/12/2007. the modem was replaced and last week after upgrading firmware and software the modem stopped working. I took it into Vodacom and was informed that the 24 month warranty period cover the initial 24 months of the contract (06/02/2007 - 05/02/2009) and not the modem that was replaced (21/12/2007 - 20/12/2009). I would have thought that the warranty referred to the modem and not the contract. Please confrim. Thanks.
    A Break-through in Energy Resources
    1. Draw water up as a doctor does medicine with a syringe by valve A, meantime valve B open, valve C closed.

    2. Let the water in the cylinder out. (valve B closed, valve C open)

    3. Press valve A to the cylinder bottom, close valve C, open valve B.

    4. Recycle the operation continually.

    The experiment suggests E1=W(up)=G(water)h(1m),

    The energy we get should be: E=E2-E1-W(other waste).
    E2=9E1; W(other waste)=E1/1000

    Hay there… I noticed that you kind of know your stuff. I need to do research on the industry; trends and future needs and would love to pick your brain. Is it okay if I send you a couple of questions from time to time? Won’t be too difficult , I promise!
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