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  • I prefer Autocad for 2d drawings - Whats nice about this CAD is the shortcuts making drawing way quicker

    Solidworks CAD is better for 3d drawings - From what I heard

    So depends what hes needing to draw and I've tried some other CAD's and they less user friendly than these 2 CAD Programs
    hey boet - this m ight sound like a dumb question, but which programs are good for CAD these days? (My brother in-law is studying engineering)
    hi hows it going

    Waiting for cataclysm to come out atm just playing with Starcraft :), so on break
    hi, welcome to the zafrinet :)
    wish i knew the actual cause of overseas sites being so slow atm but it seems to be because of ineficient routing. why though, i'm amis
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