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    Apple Pencil where?

    It is certainly a lot better than it used to be.
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    Tapbots = Bastards?

    This happened in the Mac App Store recently as well. In truth, Apple doesn't really give that level of control to developers. Tactic? They are trying to run a business by selling software at a reasonable price. Others may have a different business model but I see nothing wrong with Tapbots'...
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    Tapbots = Bastards?

    They didn't pull the app from users' purchased tab, they removed it from sale from the Store and an Apple bug has resulted in it not being available for now. I am sure it will be fixed in time. As for paying $5 dollars for an update every two years, I can't understand how entitled people feel...
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    Are the iPhone6's is selling grey imports?

    They are grey imports and those prices are high.
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    iPhone 6

    What year is this person living in?
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    iphone 6 bending defect

    No, undoubtedly he is an expert in electronics manufacturing and has used and disassembled and iPhone 6 Plus to properly evaluate its build quality.
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    iphone 6 bending defect

    How is a thicker, plastic phone relevant? Unless you are suggesting that Apple should have made the iPhone thicker, and out of plastic?
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    iphone 6 bending defect

    And 17% thicker.
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    S5 vs iPhone 6 plus

    This topic being Apple and iOS in particular not just this thread. But carry on, you're good for a laugh.
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    S5 vs iPhone 6 plus

    Of all the ridiculously ignorant things you've said on this topic, this one has to be the most preposterous.
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    iOS 8 Keyboards

    Sharing your every keystroke with a VC funded company... what could go wrong?
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    Core/MyiStore - a rant about "customer service"...

    We all share your frustration. Core are truly useless.
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    Apple recalls model A1300 iPhone chargers (in SA and 36 other countries)

    Apple really need to terminate their relationship with Core. They tarnish the Apple name at every turn.
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    iOS 7 Bug allows disabling of Find My iPhone

    Be sure to mess with the "Call me <name>" Siri feature of said friends' phones.