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    Attesting a foreign qualification...

    Hi there fellow forumites. I have a British qualification, which I need to have attested in order to get my employment VISA for the UAE. What is the process to follow? Is there an agency that I can make use of, or is it advised to follow the process myself? Just to clarify, I am South...
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    I'm getting my first car tomorrow!!!!! Woohoo!!

    So anyway, I'm taking delivery of my very first new car. Though, not my first car, I'm very excited to pick my car up tomorrow. What was your first (new) car-buying experience like? :D
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    May be expecting too much of android. Or am I?

    I have been lucky to have used the Apple Appstore in the past. Now I have purchased my mother an ebook off the Appstore that is an extended ebook. That is, it not only has the obligatory text, but also flash video (detailing the method of cooking). Now having used a recipe from that book, I...
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    Getting an ipad 2

    My big burning issue is... Can one create a word document on the ipad, then save an email to someone using MSWord? I know you can edit, but that is not the same as creating a document. The same goes for ppt and xls. :confused:
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    Is iOS 5 Causing Battery Problems?

    Yip. Siri will use location services, and it runs permanently. So rather leave it off, and save some juice.. I don't think Apple will release a phone that's an upgrade only to have the battery downgrade.. :/
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    Nuts. So though it is not free, it will still be far cheaper than smsing?
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    One question I have is... I know iMessagew is free, however, will we still get charged if we use 3G to send a message? Like as in data charges? If so, then it's not entirely free, is it? So it's like BBM then? R69 a month for unlimited BBM-ing?
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    Iphone 4S pre-order on Vodacom?

    It's called commision... ;)
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    You won't believe this... if you're interested..

    Hi guys, I have been hearing a very promising call during the day... a fish eagle. Not only that, but was hearing (every now and then) weird calls at night. A jackal. Today turned into a huge surprise. I spotted the fish eagle roughly 80m from my house at 13:15 (roughly). However, by...
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    Finding a suitable lens for the birdies and things? Losing my mind!!

    I am losing my mind. I have a Nikon D3000 + 18-55 ED II (generation before the VR) lens. Where I stay, I have thousands of awesome birdies everywhere. Red bishops, yellow thingeys, hornbills, Kestrels, owls etc. When I see them feeding their chicks, and scrummaging for food, I always grab...
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    In conclusion to the D3000 vs 1000D thread

    The time is now... I am making a purchase this Saturday - so it really is the final lap.. Considering all things equal (that is the 'feel of it in one's hand')... Lens prices... Lens compatibility... Which one should I get? I'm scared of the lens compatibility of the Nikon.. and...
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    1000D vs. D3000 for newbie

    Hi guys, As my birthday is coming up, I am interested in getting my first SLR camera. My budget is about R5500, so naturally, I would consider the best for that price. In light of that, I am looking at the 1000D and D3000. I understand both are very, very good. Now I have looked at...
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    Need a little help on ASP.NET 2.0

    Hi Guys, First off, I have hardly has ANY ASP.NET dev behind me in 2 years (in fact I'd say none). But I have hit a wall with a dropdownlist custom validation.. Firstly, I don't want to use the visual pane, I would prefer to work in the code.. You see, I have a gridview with 3 columns...
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    So you have MW2, wanna play? How's MP?

    Okay so the MP isn't that bad. I recon we should post our player nics so we could create an SA private game. That should almost guarantee 'best scenario' pings. Overall the MP is awesome fun. My connection is ~570k Wimax. Normally with US servers, I get 2 or 3/5 bars. Not bad at all...
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    NNTP on Screamer?

    Hi guys. The techs came out today and got the Wimax installed. Running nicely, no problems. :) However, I cannot for the life of me download through either IS, nor SAIX news servers !! Can anyone help me with the settings? :(