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    Vox Fatpipe Capped.

    Thanks for the quick reply. I see it is a bit more than what I wanted to spend. I'm looking at about 750 max. If I get a 10mbps instead that will work out cheaper. Or can I get an uncapped account with 10mbps line for roundabout that price range.
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    Vox Fatpipe Capped.

    Hey guys, I really need your help, I'm interested in buying the 400gb fatpipe which is advertised for R299 on the Vox website. I'm not sure if I should get a capped or uncapped account. My typical day is work from 8am to 7pm and there will be 3 devices which will be connected to the wifi( two...
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    Cell C contract migration.

    Hello, Don't know how to start this, but I'm going to dive straight into my issue. I currently have a data contract with Cell C( 40gb for R302, it was R299 but due to VAT increase) where I have a LTE sim and they gave me a ZTE router and it's a 24 month contract, where I still have 13 months...
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    Shopping from Amazon USA.

    Good day, I would like to purchase a laptop from Amazon USA. However, this is my first time purchasing something from Amazon and I am a little nervous. My main concerns are, besides the actual cost ( including shipping,tax and duties) are there any other costs that I need to be aware of. Will...