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  • Hi ToxicWazte,
    After reading your message, I have a comment as follows : it is the first time that I see on this web site someone talking about the real TELKOM COSTS associated with ADSL.
    It is useless to talk about R 29 per Gig if your phone bill is about R 600 or R 700. Phone bill means ADSL line fee + costs of communication...TIME spent on line !
    I personnally have a small 1 Gig 3 G contract with Autopage/MTN which cost me R 349/month WITH no other extra costs such as Telkom's. It is much cheaper than ADSL !
    And am waiting for the TELKOM tower in Primrose to be equiped with antennas pointing my way to contract with W-CDMA which is half price again R 349 for 2 gigs !
    Thanks for your opinion, May be I am in the wrong.
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