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  • I am also in the IT field - but doing Desktop End User Training for DAMELIN @ the moment!!

    It's amazing that those of us in IT can see just how bad things have become @ MC over the years (Hello BEE, anyone?), but hopefully sometime soon, they will start to realise that as more & more 'premium' DSTV subscribers jump ship, that they will need to get their act together if they want to survive, once 'decent' competition FINALLY arrives on our shores!!!

    DO they HONESTLY believe that I would 'hound them to such a degree' if there WAS NO FAULT OR PROBLEM with their piss-poor levels of 'service & content' in the first place?

    The fact that they have perceived my 'comments & suggestions' as 'harrassment to them', just goes to show how blissfully ignorant and detached from reality MC Management has actually become!!

    Oh well, it's time to surf the www.take2.co.za website for a while, and see what NEW TV Series on DVD I can order with my R 560-00 saving on DSTV subscriptions every month!!!

    You can contact me on ivanleon@webmail.co.za or on 083 486 8435 if you want to chat on this, or any other, topic of interest!!

    Cheers for now

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