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  • I don't have any flash disk:( but if you can drop it off and let me copy it then there is no problem:) But thank you so much. I am sure it won't take long to copy it:)
    Hey IzZzy,

    If you are planning on buying the Giulietta, why not you and I order them together and see if we can get a bigger a discount?

    Do you think this would work?
    Hi. I've just bought an Astina a month ago, and it has some of the symtoms yours has.....could you please give me any advise on where to take it? It has the jerk you mentioned when taking off. The others are other problems that you didn;t mention. Thanks
    Yeah it was, thank you :) I haven't been online in a long time, I honestly don't remember who you are? Thanks again :p
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