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  • Lol what can i say? I'm full of cuddles and love and sunshine. :)
    Had a ectic weekend though lol. how was yours?

    Yeah, the internet equals anonamity, which breeds giant egos. Sure, the Nag forums isn't always the friendliest place, but if you don't post rubbish and follow the rules you'll usually be fine. Most MyBB users hate the fact that nothing they say against Miktar seems to affect him. He usually just laughs it off. You're on the Nag forums too? I think I recognise your nickname.
    Hehe, thanks. I decided that seeing as people around here don't really like me for those exact reasons I might just as well put it in my sig.
    You're fighting a losing battle. People here dislike Miktar just because they can. You can't reason with them as they'll just smother you with 'ZOMG Miktar is bisexual and a furry!' until you give up.
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