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    To Be or Not To Be - The morality of A.I Discussion

    I've recently acquired a strong interest in Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics after watching a few movies and doing a bit of research into the field. First a short Description: Now I'm sure at one point or another in your life you've seen a movie where a machine/computer/robot...
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    Streetfighter x Tekken

    When did this happen? How did I miss this:cry: Thank you Namco. Thank you Capcom.:D:D:D OMG I shed tears today. Tears of Joy.:love:
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    The Official 2010 New years party Search thread

    To make it easier for all the people looking for something to do this new Years, Please can you guys post any news of Parties going on in your area:D (Side note - I need to find a party in the Durban Area:o lol, We left it too long and ended up not having any plans)
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    Am I too clingy? Or should I be worried....

    So I have a lady friend, and we've been good friends for about a year now. A few months back she starts making advances on me and I'm like "hey this could work:)", so I ask her out on a couple of dates and we eventually become a couple. She's always hugging me and holding onto me in public and I...
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    Which Distro to choose

    I'm a noob looking to try Linux :o But there are too many to choose from which is the best for beginners :) Help Appreciated:).
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    I Got Mugged on the Way Home

    18:15 - I was walking home from my Girlfriends house (she live 3 streets away from me) When I noticed 3 guys following me. I increased my pace and got to my road when they started running full pace at me. Naturally, I wanted to avoid any physical conflict so I also ran. but they caught up to me...
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    Nick Names?

    What are some nick names you've given people? Have any of your own? What nickname would you love to get but are sure nobody will use when referring to you?
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    Is this strange?

    Okay so I'm on a 1 gig a month DO account. I got capped last week Friday. Yesterday I used my 56k Dial up for an emergency. I left early this morning for work, get home fire up fire fox (Excuse the pun) only to be pleasantly surprised that I now have an extra gig of international...
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    Heart Warming Stories (contains many Kleenex Moments)

    Source Hats off to Pixar for doing such a wonderful thing for Colby:( (Feel free to share more stories if you know any)
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    Rules Of The Internet

    I lol'd 1. Do not talk about /b/ 2. Do NOT talk about /b/ 3. We are Anonymous. 4. Anonymous is legion. 5. Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget. 6. Anonymous can be horrible, senseless, uncaring monster. 7. Anonymous is still able to deliver. 8. There are no real rules...
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    Antique Shops

    Yeah so I live in Durban and Johannesburg anybody know of any antique shops there (both)? I love collecting old furniture so I really need to find a good place there:o
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    Post your Playlist

    Whats playing playing on your media player lately? song stuck in your head? post it here:D 1. Forsaken - Within Temptation 2. Hand of sorrow - Within Temptation 3. Sugar Cult - Pretty Girl 4. Billy Talent - Pins and Needles 5. Sum41 - 88 6. Sum41 - All to Blame 7. Trust Co. - Downfall...
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    Japan freak Thread :)

    :) So you like Japan? Like anime and manga? Guidelines - Cause without rules someone always spoils it for everyone else 1. If you would like to request that another member help you to attain some new anime, manga please do it in PM not here in the thread. 2. If you think this is 'immature'...