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    .Net Core 2.2 Hosting

    Apologies for that, that typically happens when your browser / connection fails google capture You're more than welcome to send us a mail on or jump onto live chat and we can answer any questions that you may have.
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    .Net Core 2.2 Hosting

    Our WINDOWS SSD PALLADIUM should suffice then, 5 MySQL Databases and 5 SQL Databases @R19 PM
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    .Net Core 2.2 Hosting

    Hi there We fully support .net core websites and provide .net core hosting on our windows servers Guide to deploying .net core websites on our servers...
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    haa haa

    haa haa
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    Guys, really?

    Guys, really?
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    Cloudflare local CDN unavailability

    Somehow its all connected / related, but now some charge to be connected / peered....
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    Security flaws exposed personal data from home loan applications in South Africa

    "Finally, in relation to this matter, to the best of our knowledge there has been no unauthorised access to our data or the data that we store on behalf of our clients," I find it hard to believe that you can make such a statement when you were none the wiser about the exploit
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    Local Dedicated Server Hosting

    @KaMoS I've sent you a PM
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    Fastest WordPress Hosting in South Africa

    You should give us a try if you are keen @WazzyD
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    Beware of 1-grid

    No need to fight them for your money back, contact your bank and have them reverse the debit order. How do I dispute a debit order transaction? Your first recourse is to the party with whom the debit order was signed or the party that has submitted the debit order for collection to your bank...
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    Resellers: Would you rather pay extra for cPanel or go with a cheaper alternative?

    Owned by the same crowd that owns cpanel - you have been warned
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    Sanral writes off R1.8 billion in unpaid e-tolls

    Can the SABC, SAA and Etolls - the economy will be better off without them