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  • Sorry, Im a bit late. First time this year I log on.

    Yes I bought the HT-C5500. Is there something you want to know about it?
    Okay, my PC is in another room connected via Ethernet cable to a PS3 which is then hooked up to the C5500, can't imagine I can control it with that setup :)
    Okay, cool that you're sorted. May I ask what your setup is that you had to change configuration on a PC?
    Hey Jake.Sorry for the late reply.I did not buy the Samsung.Really a poor quality product with nice features though.I wasnt convinced with quality of sound.I purchased a Sony receiver and speakers (5.1) and DVD player for R3999 @Game.This includes an 8 inch sub.I mean this thing cranks !!No sound over HDMI but i am using optical which is fine.Really happy with product.Value for money!Hope this helps.


    Sorry for the delay. I don't think so, what do you mean by dolby modes? I think you can change between music, movie, prolog etc. if that's what you mean.

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