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    Samsung Galaxy S21

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    Samsung Galaxy S21

    Yes, it's physical dual Sim + esim
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    Samsung Galaxy S21

    I just did an update on my phone and the esim option became available.
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    So I've had an interesting period with my tv over the last 2+ months. In April my 65"u7a started showing vertical lines across the screen which looked like the individual backlights turning off randomly until all of them stopped. Restart tv and it all starts all over again. Sent the tv in for...
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    So do you only do friedpets? how about grilled?
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    AppStore watch: New & Sale items

    For everyone that had trouble with geoip try the ios app from tunnelbear-500mb +1gb of uk or us vpn per month if you tweet using their app once a month. Just turn it on when you need to be somewhere else. Try it with the abc channel app. Keep it on when starting a video and then as soon as the...
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    Zinio Magazines

    Cool, didn't know that. thanks
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    Zinio Magazines

    No you won't be able to use your Itunes credit for zinio mags. try the following link for a couple of random free mags or this link will give you free copies of maxim, ESPN, Esquire, Popular Mechanics(US), PC...
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    Zinio Magazines

    Why don't you download a free issue magazine in order to see the way its presented? It's definitely not a pdf but not sure if its the same as the ones from itunes.
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    New Ipad Jailbreak or not?

    Sorry for the bad wording. What I ment to say was "is this the new legitimate jailbreak?" But thanks for the response.
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    New Ipad Jailbreak or not? Seems Absinthe 2.0 is now available
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    need advice please

    The windows GUI one is out, check on IphoneZA
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    Ordered $15 this morning got the code at 21:20, they must be busy today.
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    Siri, make me a sandwich.

    I like the set reminders when I do something feature, ex. Remind me to phone the wife when I leave work, then when you leave work it will remind you that you have to phone your wife and then bring up the number and ask you if you want to dial the number. Will save me lots of arguments.
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    Why the iPad Is the Most Hated Gadget Ever?

    I don't think there's much noticible differance when it comes to hardware, but iOS currently functions better than android for an integrated user experience. Maybe ICS will change the game.