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    Gauteng shutdown - Soweto wants free electricity

    Yoh! They all have the same first name! :eek: :D
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    The DStv myth

    Iemand se KOP is vol stront ...
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    Load-shedding will last for 5 years – Experts

    He forgot the other hand and then the toes when doing his estimate ....
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    Fibre is kak

    Blast, I was contemplating jumping from OS to FF ... :confused:
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    Fibre is kak

    FTFY :p
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    WATCH | Spectators scatter as SANDF Rooikat swerves towards crowd, hits fence

    I do recall a rolled Mfezi during a training excercise and a mate parked one nose deep in a 'shallow' ditch back in the day. We wiped out a 16x16 tent during a tire change. The spare wheel winch was broken so we just loosened the bolts holding the spare and 'kicked' it off its mounting...
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    Do you have a "Plan B"?

    ... and Zuma, you forgot the big chief! :ROFL:
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    South Africa’s expat tax is here – these are your options to legally deal with it

    Hmm, this gets complicated. So if I earned pounds for example for the past year, they take the rate for each month, calculate what I was paid in pounds, convert it to Rands (using the rate) and add it up to get the annual amount?
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    South Africa’s expat tax is here – these are your options to legally deal with it

    Without me googling this, is this published at the beginning of each tax year?
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    Are you planning on playing Vanilla WoW?

    You bored already?
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    Sounds very African to me .... runaways and mopane worms and all ...
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    Pay your bond but lose your property – South Africa’s big land expropriation problem

    True and you get black listed so you will struggle to purchase another property ..... oh wait, can you afford another if you are still paying off the one you do not own anymore? Edit: And do you want to purchase another one if you will not own it?
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    SA importing cuban engineers for water supply issues

    So basically R1bar per engineer...