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    Hyundai Accent 2015 1.6 Fluid Manual Intermittent Clutch Failure

    In that case there might be a fluid leak somewhere that contaminated the clutch plate friction material. But it's impossible to diagnose over the internet
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    Hyundai Accent 2015 1.6 Fluid Manual Intermittent Clutch Failure

    No. And air leak would mean that you will not be able to disengage to clutch. You need hydraulic to be pressured to release the clutch. If you don't have hydraulic power the clutch will be fully disengaged I think that your clutch has been set incorrectly. The take point to low. So even...
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    The Workout and Fitness Thread

    It's not always how much you eat but what you eat before bed. Fatty food will keep the hunger at bay for longer. Cheese, avo , eggs fatty meats.
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    The Workout and Fitness Thread

    I've been doing a lot of ultra events the last few years. Over time your body adapts . I'm training UTCT in November. With the new extended cut off time even plebs like me will be able to finish Ive been extremely fortunate to stay mostly injury free, even with a non ideal build for running
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    Four farmers accused in the murder of Coka siblings

    It's really sad how low newspapers have sunk to spread propoganda. I have yet to meet a farmer with the mentality as described in that article. I'm not saying it never happenes, sure you will get a rotten apple in few boxes but the way they paint the picture is that every white farmer out...
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    The Workout and Fitness Thread

    3days of trail running in the Berg. 4800m of climbing and 100km in total. Best way to spend the long weekend
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    Is it standard procedure that brake-pads are excluded from an extended service plan?

    Not really because with Toyota it also extends the warranty. Small price for a piece of mind.
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    Senior Citizen Contract

    My retired parents who have been with Vodacom since the beginning of time told me that Vodacom has been phoning them weekly as their contracts are up for renewal. They both have perfectly working phones. Their current spend at Vodacom is about R1k between them. I convinced them to consider...
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    How many demerit points you will get for breaking traffic laws

    The only thing I ever see enforced is speeding.
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    BMW 130i MSport

    To be fair it is 3 years later....
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    Generator Overvoltage at no-load and other questions

    Incorrect Engine speed = frequency of AC output Field current (magnetic field strenght) of the rotor determines the output power of the alternator. The AVR simply measures the output voltage of the altenator and controls the current to the rotor winding. The greater the current output from the...
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    Generator Overvoltage at no-load and other questions

    You could add a permanent load to the generator. Something like a 50 W globe. It should sort out the the problem. The issue is that the Automatic Voltage regulator in this case probably set its it lowest excitation current to the field winding, but with no load connected the terminal voltage...
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    The Workout and Fitness Thread

    Try intermittent fasting ans a Keto diet