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    Planning a solar system

    Hi Crusader ... I have a domestic 3 phase supply and went with a Sunsynk 12kw 3 Phase inverter in Sept 2021. My usage is around 30kwh per day. I have a peak in the morning between 4 and 7 when the two geysers come on. I have 4.3kw (name plate capacity) of panels, which on an average sunny day...
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    Samsung #GalaxyFan competition - Great prizes up for grabs!

    There's a Galaxy for everyone #GalaxyFan
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    Six months of Apple Music offered to MTN customers

    R45 youtube premium family??? Link?
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    Midrand Drivers Test Route

    I suppose it is. Day of the test and conditions on that day will determine the outcome.
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    Midrand Drivers Test Route

    Thanks Chris ... Much appreciated.
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    Midrand Drivers Test Route

    Anyone know the driver's test route for Midrand? Directions would be helpful.
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    Qaulity of Romoss power banks

    I have the LT20 20000mah unit. It's heavy, can charge my Samsung A70 5x. Holds the charge and reliable. Takes long to charge even with a quality fast charger.
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    South African drivers warned not to drive with expired licences

    Can you post details of the company that you used?
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    Big online shopping plans for Makro and Game to take on Takealot

    My experience with Makro has been pretty dismal. One order took around 6 weeks to arrive and no amount of phoning helped the situation. I will not order online from them again. Might as well go in ... They have the network, but sadly do not know how to leverage that for good use. For anyone...
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    South African companies cut salaries during lockdown

    In most cases it is cashflow that may be impacted. In which case there has to be back pay? Surely a reduction in pay has to mean a reduction in work time?
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Lines have still not been upgraded. 20/2 on Vumatel. I thought these were planned for yesterday?
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    I am on the 20/2 package.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Mine has definitely not been upgraded. I'm on Vumatel. Is there another way to check?
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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    It's been corrected now. Thanks.
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    Afrihost MTN Fixed LTE-A Thread

    The night data for Jan still does not show up.