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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    If I recall correctly, RocketNet uses google DNS
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    Afrihost can cancel your account for complaining

    So after a few days of asking for answers and refunds, maybe at times a little excessive, Afriman has gone and canceled my accounts. I have now just spoken to a manager and he says they cannot reverse it, and I will have to look for another provider. So all please beware that if you give your...
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    Where to get my sports fix!

    Now that DSTV is R 740 a month it is time to cut the cord! Where do you guys get your sport fixes from? I have seen (no apple tv plugin) Wiziwig can airplay but quality is horrible What do you guys use?
  4. J payment issues

    can anyone make payments on site?
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    Aircon Regas From VW

    Just spoke to VW in cape town Regas is R 890 are they freaken crazy?
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    Dover Stove

    Any one know where I can get one of these in cape town?
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    VW Jetta 1.9 TDI 2009

    Hi I am looking for some feedback on the above mentioned vehicle. Any one of you have / had issues with the turbo, or any other issues.
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    10mb/s Accounts

    When will ISP's start offering high cap (200GB+) / uncapped 10mb/s accounts?
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    Neotel VS Telkom

    What we need is. 1. Usage Tracker. Neotel 0 – Telkom 1 2. Stable / Fast / Reliable Internet. Neotel 0 – Telkom 2 3. Expand Capacity on current towers so that congestion is not a factor. Neotel 0 – Telkom 3 (Telkom does not have congestion) 4. Uncapped NeoFlex for less than prime unlimited...
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    Helping Neotel Improve

    Hi Guys I think we should all stop complaining and try and help neotel to sort out their network issues. Obviously they are having teething problems, which can be expected. So lets all post our location and speed here and some tips and tricks for the netowrk engineers of neotel. :)
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    NeoFlex Data Long Delivery Time

    Hi Has anyone waited longer then 7 days for their device to be delivered? Aparrently after 7 days of waiting I have to call Neotel call center to find out that they are out of stock! Almost as bad as waiting for telkom to install a DSL line