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    Are you thinking of emigrating?

    Yip Current plan is March 2022. No kids , my wife & I can both work remotely anywhere. I have an EU passport and we now have more friends in Europe than SA. So at this point it would be stupid not to give Europe a try.
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    Buying tech from Takealot vs importing from Amazon price comparison

    The difference between Amazon and Takealot is that Amazon has actual specials. I managed to buy a monitor a couple years back off Amazon that was 40% cheaper than local prices.
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 3

    A new paper out of the University of Pennsylvania shows SARS-CoV-2-specific memory B-cell responses are robustly induced following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination AND continue to increase in frequency for at least six months. link TLDR : Unfortunately for our scare mongering media. Unless you are...
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    Covid-19 vaccinations open to all adults in South Africa - but alcohol restrictions remain

    Here are all the sites that let you pre-book a vaccination slot. Clicks: Dischem: or Discovery:
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

    I still haven't been allocated my free data and minutes on my FNB sim. Has anyone received their free data yet ? or has this benefit been nerfed ?
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    Facebook ‘Proactively’ Removing Taliban Content, Executive Says

    That corrupt barbaric regime is kicking out the taliban ?
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    The new ways SARS is targeting taxpayers in South Africa

    Oh look , another SARS article. I'm starting to think the entirety of their plan to "target taxpayers" is to just publish several articles a week claiming they are targeting taxpayers.
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    Healthy, strong but overweight 46 year old tech junky dies from COVID-19

    Strange that they say " Overweight but with no comorbidities"
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    The Spiciest Sauces- but locally available items only I struggle to have more than a couple drops.
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    South Africa to Broaden Vaccine Rollout With Pfizer Doses Monday

    Passed 9 Million vaccinations yesterday and we are about to hit 10% fully vaccinated. 1st million vaccinations took 104 days. 2nd million vaccinations took 16 days. 3rd million vaccinations took 13 days. 4th million vaccinations took 8 days. 5th million vaccinations took 8 days. 6th million...
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    South Africa to Broaden Vaccine Rollout With Pfizer Doses Monday

    I think they got the vaccination number wrong on that graphic. Looks like there were 176 752 vaccinations yesterday :
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    Bad news about SA's Covid-19 herd immunity

    Yip 2 weeks after my 2nd Pfizer shot , I will live my life normally again. Its inevitable that we'll all catch it at some point , but I'm not too worried about getting the sniffles. The article is the usual doom and gloom though. If 60% of the population is vaccinated and Delta spreads so...
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    South Africa seen risking more frequent unrest without reforms

    Nothing that a few name changes couldn't fix :thumbsup:
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    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    When you expand for each province , it shows which sites are using J&J