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    BEWARE!!! SA Customs iPad Thieves!

    No way that it was FedEx. Customs loves pinching things out of packages. On average my packages take 2 days to get from China / US to SA, then they sit in customs for 3-5 days and then it takes 2 days to get down to PE. How wonderfully efficient we are in this country :) I import items often...
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    NoDo update pushed to phones!

    NoDo update [not yet] pushed to phones! EDIT: Hmm, seems like it may not be the case, just that they've updated their release notes page: That must mean that it's coming sooner than it was before :p
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    Windows Phone Information Resources

    This is a list of places to get information pertaining to Windows Phone 7. Please reply with any suggestions. Websites: Windows Phone Help and how-to Official Windows Phone Blog Official Windows Phone Developer Blog WP Central - Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews...
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    Set up your own VPN Internet thingy?

    Hi I am interested in the idea of the OpenWeb VPN offering and was thinking of getting it, until an idea struck me. At work, we have an uncapped internet account and a Server running Windows Server 2003. Could I not do the same thing with this at work as OpenWeb are doing? Setting up a VPN is...
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    OpenWeb VPN questions...

    Hello I just saw the OpenWeb VPN offering and am interested by the 10Gig account they now offer. Just a few questions: If you have a 384kbps ADSL line, you will still get 384kps right? Not 512kbps. Do you get any email addresses with this? How is the latency in this and the speed? Can...