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    Birth certificate amendment

    My adopted father applied when I was 16 (I am 45 now) and was turned down due to me being adopted. Apparently the law changed ~5 years ago so now adopted children can get a British passport from their male parent. Also, as a child my fathers parents changed their surname to my grandmothers...
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    Birth certificate amendment

    I am actually in the process right now. I live in Qatar and my parents live in the UK so getting all the documents together is a bit of a mission. I will send all my docs to my father who will apply on my behalf.
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    Birth certificate amendment

    You sure you need a vault copy? I called the UK passport office and they said all I needed was the unabridged birth certificate with my mother and fathers names on it. I have an added complexity as I am adopted however my adopted fathers details are on the unabridged birth certificate (My...
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    Cool Ideas clueless

    Standard response, get it from CISP support as well. Why offer a service if you can't do the service? DNS is probably the most important service on the internet. Get it right
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    Cool Ideas clueless

    I doubt it, I private messaged you on the 29th of last month about a different issue and you failed to respond. What makes me believe you are interested now or is it because my issue is on an open forum and not over PM?
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    Cool Ideas clueless

    I have been with CISP for roughly a year now and transferred all my domains to their management so I could have everything in one place. My observations and experience regarding the DNS infrastructure and management is nothing short of ridiculous. 1. I have everything set to auto-renew however...
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    Best LTE or LTE-A providers/pricing

    I hope I am not re-asking a question that has been asked recently. I am looking for a well priced/performing wireless broadband solution for my sisters starting at around 100GB per month for general browsing, email, social media and Netflix. I ordered CellC LTE through Afrihost as a trial but...
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    Cancelling Cell-C fibre [HOWTO]

    Geez, I tried to cancel with them and had months of issues and even to this day they are trying to bill me a little bit every month for nothing. Fortunately I have Openserve and Vumatel in my street so I simply fired up Vumatel with CISP and cancelled CFiber. Still keep getting SMS's stating I...
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping 4ms Download 724.29Mbps Upload 458.43Mbps MWeb
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    C-FIBRE appalling service. Any good Metrofibre providers?

    I got a resolution to my CFiber issues, Cool Ideas....
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Cool Ideas rocks, Vumatel installed at around 11AM today and I was up and running 30 minutes later. Great support from their tech staff as well
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    CellC/C-Fiber Sucks!!!

    Just be very careful when you move elsewhere. Chances are they will cancel your fiber line completely and you'll have to apply for another leaving you offline for 2 weeks+