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    Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

    I starting to get really ##%$%^^ Ping: 17ms Download: 2.8Mbps Upload: 11.82Mbps I cannot even stream on 240p. 4G uncapped Malmesbury 10 min later Ping: 19ms Download: 0.26Mbps Upload: 11.61Mbps
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    What game are you playing now ?

    Dear Santa, may I have another RPG except Diablo, POE and GD please. I'll be good I promise!
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    I bought an iPhone 11 Pro – Here’s what you need to know

    "The lenses are almost flush against the back of the phone, and protrude less than the dual-lens system on the X." :ROFL:
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    MyBB Path of Exile Intro, FAQ, Chat and Players

    As a noob, this season is the most fun i had with POE. I tried the normal meta summoner and had the easiest leveling and maps thus far. Today i got a "the dancing dervish" and now my fun is doubled. I have to get more movement speed somewhere lol. I just run after the summoned dervish without...
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    Official : Diablo 3 » Reaper of Souls - Seasons

    Well for some good nostalgia (d3 version 1.0.4) goto: Installed it today and got my ass handed to me from the start. Good old times
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    The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Thread

    Cricket World Cup final: From a top ex-umpire: England should only have got five runs not six after that overthrow
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    Iran humiliated as 'five ships FAIL to seize British oil tanker in Persian Gulf standoff'

    Underwater, size doesn't matter. Its better to be small and silent.
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    Telkom fixed-LTE deals with no contracts from Webafrica

    I have applied for the 70 Gig account. Will see how it goes. Hopefully it doesnt take weeks for the delivery.
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    MyBB Path of Exile Intro, FAQ, Chat and Players

    Xbox economy is abit different than the PC economy. Stuff normally 2.5 as expensive because of the small population on it. Last league i had a unnatural instinct drop and i wanted currency pretty bad so i checked online for prices. At that stage it was selling at 43ex and i thought i was rich...
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    MyBB Path of Exile Intro, FAQ, Chat and Players

    Xbox version launch yesterday. I thought I would go the insane route and farm an Oni-Goroshi so i wouldnt have any troubles of finding/crafting a 6 linked weapon. So the farming began at 7am and finished at 6pm. 11 Hours for a 6 link, not to bad i think. Until i started playing the game. The...
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    Diablo Immortal - Blizzcon Announcement

    What upset me most about this is that i played D2 for the story line. I really enjoyed playing through the campaign and get stronger while doing so. I want to know what happened between D2 and D3 but i am not going to buy a flippen phone to find out. My phone is for calls and messaging not to...
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    Death of CF/SLI?

    Dunno if its been posted but a year ago Lucid tested a chip for the motherboad that give much better interaction between more than one GPU (According to them) It seems thay got a new chip now thats on a MSi MB that looks like its working. Nvidia and ATI is prob sh_ting themselves is this...
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    Arrest on outstanding traffic fines

    Dont know if this has been posted. Got it in an email today. With the ammount of junk that get posted these days I dont know if its true or not. This is the Email: Original Message ----- From: William Nowers To: William Nowers Sent: 21 November, 2008 9:44 AM Subject: ROADSIDE ARREST...