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    Public Protector finds Gordhan guilty of 'improper conduct'

    Nice obvious timing from the Z_PP. Ya know.... days before MP's are appointed to cabinet.....
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    The Brexit Thread

    Boy this really is one big mess. Luckily that Farage guy has now resigned from everything and has his German passport ready. Tbh, just have a hard brexit in March. In Arpil, call a referendum to get back in again.
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    We tested the new Netflix Ultra package - including its "highest quality audio" setting

    Why not enter developer mode on the mac and at least try to compare the bitrate
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    Netflix vs Showmax vs Amazon Prime – Price and content comparison

    5045 (US) vs 3756 (ZA)
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    The free VPN that allows you to watch Netflix US in South Africa

    Tbh I'm happy with Netflix ZA. Not sure if it's worth it to mission with vpn lag and extra costs.
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    As every parent I can understand how you feel. My only recommendation is to NOT try and quit smoking now as some idiot recommended. Rather wait will everything settles [emoji13] Man I miss my ciggerretes. Good luck. You're going to love that boy so much!
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    Apple TV 4 - Apps, Tips & Tricks

    Really impressed with the apple TV 4k so far. Maxed out video settings @ 4k with dolby vision looks superb. I can understand why physically media's days are now truly numbered. Two things apple tv needs: - Not sure what apple's idea with siri and sound is. But they really need to get with...