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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

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    Official Chelsea Supporters' Thread

    Mhmm 5 at the back. This should be interesting...
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    2020 BMW X5 M Competition & X6 M Competition

    Fair enough. I hear you. But I obviously look at everything through BMW coloured glasses. Im super biased. Still, X5 M Competition is awesome in my books.
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    2020 BMW X5 M Competition & X6 M Competition

    Felt a bit disappointed with this Doug Score to be honest though. He gave it a 5 for cool factor. Bit unfair I feel especially considering he gave the RSQ8 a 6 for it.
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    Whisk(e)y Lovers thread

    Sipping some Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition at the moment. Good stuff.
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    BMW 3 Series F30 Advice

    Replaced the battery on mine also a while ago now. Got the battery at some camera store in Randburg, been good ever since :thumbsup:
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    How many languages do you speak?

    Tswana, Sotho, Pedi, English, Afrikaans. Zulu and Xhosa at basic conversational level.
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    Official Chelsea Supporters' Thread

    Hopefully Maguire plays. Werner has really looked up to it as of late.
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    Official Chelsea Supporters' Thread

    It feels good knowing that we didn't score last night, but also didn't lose. A rare clean sheet. I'll take a draw against Sevilla on most days, but I do think that they are a team Chelsea should be handling.
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    Senzo Meyiwa Murder Case

    Ah yes, the bi-annual update on this case. You’d think it’d be a quick one considering there were witnesses at the scene. It’s a coverup because a famous person’s offspring was involved.
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    BMW 320D Sport For Sale

    Beautiful example. This will go quick I think. Have you maybe considered posting this on the BMW Fanatics forum? Diesels are loved that side.
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    Copper thief stopped in his tracks after trying to steal PMB City Hall roof sheeting

    Yeahp. And all it takes to be a “car guard” is one of them. Many dodgy guards as well nowadays.
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    Software Developer (Full Stack .net) - Vacancy Available

    Here before people k@k all over another job post thread :popcorn: