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    SA Magazines on iOS

    Zinio wins
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    Iphone Only contract?

    Ahhh.. sorry my bad.. only 12 months on Discoverycard.
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    Iphone Only contract?

    If you have a discoverycard you can buy it over 24 months interest free from istore?
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    Home network setup help

    I need help please! I have VERY limited knowledge on networks. I have the following setup: In the study I have a "Routerboard" non wi-fi router supplied by Smartvillage which provides my internet connection. I have connected an oldish telkom router into that to supply wifi in the study and...
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    PS4 + extra controller + 5 games + camera FNB deal

    Hi guys FNB has this offer on their smart device thingamagiggy offers. Was just wondering if anybody knows what 5 games you get with this package, because I can't see Jack on their tiny little picture! Don't think its too bad a deal for R399 a month.
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    Family Kombi

    Hi all Just thought i'd ask your opinions on this as there isn't really much information or comparisons out there. Our family has just expanded from 4 to 6 due to some family trouble and we now find ourselves with a car that is too small (Freelander 2). We have now decided to look for...
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    My paypal account has been hacked! What do I do?

    Hi all A few minutes ago I received an email saying that my password on paypal has been changed and then a couple of minutes later another mail saying my security question's answers have been changed :erm: So I can't get into my account because the only way of resetting your password is...
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    Elite Mobile - What lies to get business

    Hi all Can you believe this? Elite Mobile phones me up because I am due for a Vodacom upgrade. I tell them I want to stick with iphone and that I will wait until the iphone 6 is available. They then tell me that Vodacom is no longer stocking or selling iphones because they use too much...
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    Old antique piano for sale (Bothner)

    For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): Bothner antique piano pre-1900 Age and condition: +/- 120 years old, needs tuning Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: No space in new house Price: R2500 Negotiable: Highly negotiable - need to get rid of it Location...
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    Shower floors

    Hi all We are currently building a house and we are in the stage where we need to choose our finishes etc. I visited a friend a couple weeks back that had wooden floors in his shower. (like decking almost). Does anybody know what wood this probably is, who installs it etc. Thought it...
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    iOS 7.1 released.

    ipad 155mb iphone 214mb
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    iOS 4.3 GM is out

    I upgraded a couple of weeks ago and also got the out of stock story. But after ordering via the usual vodacom upgrade call center and being told that it would take up to 2 weeks, it arrived in my office in 2 days. So maybe that route would work for you?