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    Do you use the Post Office?

    I use DHL exclusively when sending items, even birthday cards, to South Africa. Expensive, but I have zero trust in the South African Post Office and am prepared to pay a premium to ensure that items reach their intended destination.
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    Are you planning to leave South Africa?

    Having been through this process, I would respectfully disagree with your premise that New Zealand is any easier than a lot of the "popular" destinations. For the typical MyBroadband demographic (young, skilled professionals), and who are considering New Zealand as their new home, the end goal...
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    King Zwelithini: We will defend ourselves on land

    Please don't tell me Zana infected this forum too...
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    Robert Mugabe has died

    Thanks. That's an Emirati registration, appears to be a luxury private B737-700 owned by Royal Jet Group and available for VIP charter. See: The next logical question would then be who chartered...
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    Airbus will track your bathroom visits

    First thought that came to mind...
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    Robert Mugabe has died

    You'll be able to look it up if you can make out the aircraft's registration number -- which, unfortunately, is way too blurry for my dodgy eyesight.
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    Pause for a moment and snap a quick pic - The Mobile Photography Thread

    Just another shitty rail commute. Nothing at all to see here...
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    Are you planning to leave South Africa?

    Buggered off a year ago. Best decision we ever made -- we're planning on starting a family soon, and knew deep down that they would have no future in South Africa (wrong skin colour, destructive and divisive government policies, etc.). They're going to have a far better here. In terms of...
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    Pause for a moment and snap a quick pic - The Mobile Photography Thread

    And a much older photo: N7, Vyfmylpoort (around 10 km south of Vioolsdrif), January 2016.
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    Pause for a moment and snap a quick pic - The Mobile Photography Thread

    Not the greatest quality pic of mine, but this was the view out of the office window yesterday:
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    If you can drive any car, what would it be?

    The Ferrari The Ferrari. Oh ye gods, need to find that thread again for shits and giggles...
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    Nigerians offered free flight out of SA 'to escape xenophobic attacks'

    I did, back on the Webafrica development team in 2010-2013. Probably the most genuine, friendly, honest and hard-working colleague I've ever had. Sadly, he was affected by Webafrica retrenching almost the entire development team in 2013 (I was one of the few spared, but quickly became...
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    Xenophobia: These artists will no longer be performing in South Africa

    Speaking of which... that genocidal maniac is pretty much calling for the xenophobic violence to be redirected at a certain race group. Not sure if this...
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    Vegan takes neighbours to court in Western Australia over smell from barbecues

    Can't speak for our neighbours on "New Zealand's West Island", but in the greater Wellington region, there are three South African shops that I'm aware of (Ontrays in Petone, Biltong 'n Wors in Tawa, and one just opened in Paraparaumu that I need to check out sometime) that all sell expat-made...
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    Tourist safety under spotlight as SA sees drop in bookings

    Route 62. Far less traffic, far less stressful (outside of Oudtshoorn, anyway). Plus, one gets to enjoy the quirkiness that is Ronnie's Sex Shop...