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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    Looking at getting a Paradox alarm system. Where would you recommend I start building up my alarm system?
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    Investing: Sasol

    Are you guys into the straight-up share or into CFD's / warrants?
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    USD - ZAR trade anomally

    This is normally over the weekend with little to no trading. I know most (all) markets (excl. Bitcoin etc.) are closed between 23h00 Friday evening to 23h00 Sunday evening.
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    Discovery & Claims

    So interesting times with Discovery and Covid 19. Discovery's policy with chronic medicine is that you can only collect your medicine every 24 days. Normally I went on day 28-30, depending on how my week goes. The day before lockdown, I stood in Clicks' queue for over an hour only to be...
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    How does Bridge Mode work?

    Excuse my ignorance. So if it is a 100mbps line, 50mbps will go to the first router and 50mbps to the second router?
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    Using B315 LTE for Fibre?

    A question on another Huawei router. Can the B525 work on Fibre?
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    @AfriFella @AfriGuy Our fibre with the rest of the block is done in Krugersdorp. I have beenw aiting since 5:36pm for someone to egt back to me on WhatsApp from Afrihost.
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    So after one sms from Ebucks last week, I decided to rush over to the good old Ebucks thread... It always helps, I was never good at algorithms anyway. 246 comments and 45min later, I have learned a few things. Let me summarise... I shouldn't complain about banking fees, as some members pay...
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    PC Link Shop

    One of the oldest threads being resurrected again. :p Keen on getting a printer. I spoke to a guy by the name Garth, gave me their address and all. Has anyone bought from them in the last year?
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    Diy/backyard projects?

    I guess the welding would be a little easier as well, with less burning the metal. :whistling:
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    Diy/backyard projects?

    Hi all. Busy looking at getting a security gate in our passage. The frame and inserts are going to be 25x25mm square tubing. Will 1.6mm be fine? Or do I need to go for the 2mm, which is 50% more expensive?
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    Why Customer Service, Why?

    Why is it always that when customer service (Ebucks, FNB, whomever) calls you back, they always try twice, but immediately after each other. Don't they realize I might still be on the same call as a minute ago or still in the same meeting? The best is when they then respond on email and say...
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    DStv is cutting three channels

    They will probably reply with: Thank you for your enquiry dear Customer. Unfortunately the SCI-FI channel no longer exists.
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    DStv is cutting three channels

    Okay there it goes... Are you bringing back Syfy?
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    With Checkers you can buy a chocolate, with Spar they ask for a minimum purchase of R 50. Can't tab your card, need to use the insert slot